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UNIDO-ACMA-DHI partnership programme finds its origin in the recognition of the need of the Indian automotive component industry to be globally competitive and to embrace globally accepted best practices not only in their own operations, but also to extend vertically such practices to their sub-suppliers, or manufacturers of automotive components.

The objective of the programme partnership therefore has been to strengthen the capacity of Indian small and medium sized automotive component manufactures and to enhance their productivity and performance levels to facilitate their inclusion into domestic as well as the global automotive supply chains.

The Indian automotive component industry can broadly be organized into organized and semi-organized sectors. The organized sector caters to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and undertakes high value precision manufacturing and sub-assembling while the semi-organized sector comprises lower valued manufacturing mostly to the aftermarket category.

It is in this background the UNIDO-ACMA-DHI partnership programme came into existence. The partnership programme started as a pilot project and covered 20 MSMEs in Stage 1, which ran from 1999 until 2002. During this period, activities such as classroom trainings on various subjects such as quality management, cost efficiency, and delivery, visits from industry experts etc. were undertaken. The project was further expanded and covered 40 companies in Stage 2 and 76 companies in 12 different clusters in Stage 3.

Acknowledging the positive impact, that project is having on the Indian automotive component industry. The partnership between UNIDO, ACMA and DHI have been expanded from time to time.

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