Programme Services & Offerings

Phase II of the Uday Pride Training programme aims to increase the scope and coverage of the Partnership programme to provide practical services to SMEs to improve productivity of selected suppliers through the adoption of

  • continuous improvement techniques counselling (target 225 component manufacturers) and
  • skills development through E-learning (target 50 component manufactures).

The programme also aims to improve the automotive ecosystem sector resulting in superior innovation and business support for automotive supply chain development

Uday Pride Training Programme is organized into a dual course structure. The first course is a basic level foundation course for companies which are completely new and have never been part of a Uday Pride Training programme. The second course is an advanced training programme for companies that have already undergone a basic level foundation training programme and have successfully completed it. Both the basic and advanced courses contain core and elective modules.

The Programme Strategy for Phase II is therefore adjusted as per following:

  • Streamlining and Expanding Programme Contents: the programme is restructured and consolidated in the modular structure into a primary set of 6 core modules and a set of 13 elective topical modules. Core modules are delivered to all firms, complemented with a selection of the most relevant elective modules, as per needs of the specific firm. Additional programme contents are also added, in particular on innovation/technology upgradation; energy, environment and resource efficiency, etc. Through streamlining and expanding the content, the counseling programme became more scalable, agile and flexible to firm needs, lowering the participation threshold, . This will contribute to expanding the counseling programme to a larger number of relatively smaller supplier firms (in 2nd and 3rd tier of supply chain).
  • Dual Programme delivery modality: The present handholding-type counselling is complemented by a training/e-learning delivery modality. There are two versions of each module, an intensive counselling version and a light learning version. This learning version is aimed at ‘self-starters’ (enterprises that might be able to implement respective module(s) on their own or with support from their buyers (OEMs and/or first tier suppliers) as part of their supply chain development efforts). It can also be used for further skill development of assisted enterprises (under counselling modality) and professional skill development within the automotive components sector at large.
Computer & IT Offer
  • Visual Factory
  • Quality
  • Waste Elimination
  • Productivity
  • Material Management
Psychology New
  • New Product Development (NPD)
  • Know Your Cost
  • Future Leaders Development
  • Supervisory Development Programme
  • Project Based Interventions
Business Courses New
  • 4M Change Management
  • QC Tools
  • Handling Customer Complaints (8D)
  • Leadership

Programme Strengths

Trained & motivated team

  • Pool of Nation and international experts, consultants, innovators, technologists and engineers to bring the future into focus for manufacturers.
  • Counselors trained by international experts.

International expertise

  • Well stablished Monitoring and Evaluation Framework developed by UNIDO Vienna to monitor the day-to-day progress.
  • International inputs on Industry 4.0 and other related technologies.
  • Environmental management and cleaner production upgrading and methodology.
  • International experts seeking linkages with other UNIDO projects and exports in the automotive industry in other countries.

3-layered evaluation system

  • Programme review by Steering Committee members, chaired by Joint Secretary, MoHI, Govt. of India every 6 months.
  • Regular update to ministry nodal officer every month.
  • Independent evaluation performed by government appointed evaluator at the end of project.
  • Terminal evaluation of the project by UNIDO appointed third party evaluators.


  • The participant companies have the choice to choose courses from elective modules and training/workshops as per their needs.